Thursday, October 20, 2011

Protect Your Daughters (Nieces, Granddaughters, etc.)

I thought I was done with this blog. BUT, then something like this comes along. Sadly, I refer to the Amber Cole situation. I will certainly not provide a twitter link or any direct links; I will, however, direct you to 'What About Our Daughters' ( so you can read the October 19th post regarding young Ms. Cole.

The fact that someone (man or woman) recorded this fourteen year-old AND posted said video on twitter is a sin and a shame and a CRIME!!! The GIRL is fourteen!!!! Anyone who views this video and anyone who retweets the hashtag is trafficking in CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!!!

What is wrong with those of you who watched this trash and rather than report this to law enforcement or child protective services decided to retweet this filth!!

Really?! Really?

Is this who you want to be?

Don't even start with her being 'willing' or 'giving consent'!!! She is FOURTEEN!

How are you present when this 'ish' happens?

There is no defense for recording this child.

There is no defense for posting the video. 

None. Fullstop.

Attempting to do so is perverse.

This is NOT funny!

This is NOT entertaining!


You cannot care about women and retweet this malicious attack on a fourteen year old.


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