Saturday, March 19, 2011

Re-Train Your Brain – Scientists




Yes! Scientists!

Scientists are ignored by black women in the main. They are a resource we cannot allow to remain untapped. I know what you are thinking…. scientists are nerds. Well, some scientists can be considered nerds in the traditional sense. However, some are considered nerds due to vocation (physicist, astronomer, computer programmer, microbiologist, mathematician, etc.), not because they are unattractive or ineffective. As a matter of fact, scientists (generally speaking) are effective. Scientists are smart! They produce, deduce, create things!!

Case in point: Bill Nye - Engineer

Bill Nye (who at last check was single) was the host of his own television show, Bill Nye: The Science Guy, which made its debut in 1993. Original episodes ran from 1993 to 1998. The show tackled new scientific topics during each show and was geared to educate pre-teen (and some older person if you watched the show) about the wonderful world of science – yes, I watched the show.

Since that time Nye has appeared of various shows including Living with Ed on Planet Green and has had his own Planet Green series; Stuff Happens. Smart, funny (he was a stand-up comedian), and ecologically conscious; Nye has a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and three Honorary Doctorate degrees.

What qualities might attract you to a man like this you ask?

Consider the following:



Inventive (holds two patents)

Eco-conscious (watch Living with Ed)

He’s fit (rides his bike to work)

He loves his parents (stable family)

Loves his work

Clearly since I don’t know the man, I don’t know anything truly personal about him (only what’s on his website). However, he is exactly the type of guy we need to start considering as date material. He may not be Brad Pitt or Bradley Cooper or any other Brad, but do you really want a guy like Brad who changes women regularly or do you want a good man other women may not consider because they are so busy chasing Brad.

Think about. Retrain your brain.



Anonymous said...

I have always loved nerds and would love to marry one. I love architects too, but only because I love architecture.

GoldenAh said...

Scientists are the best guys: nice, smart, humble and dedicated. Some are terrible dressers, and a few do seem like Mr Magoo, but their hearts are in the right place. :)

Southland Diva said...

@ Anon

Hello! Yes nerd guys rock! I've got more scientists in the queue for the series, but I'll find an architect to feature!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


Southland Diva said...


Yes, fashion may not be a forte (it's not necessary my strong point either) but kind hearts and creativity make up for the lack of fashion-sense.

Good to hear from you!