Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Race Woman…..Defined???

It is expected for black women to carry the burden of her race. Whether it’s sustaining the black family or knitting together the fabric of the black community or supporting the poor, downtrodden, oppressed black man. Yes, indeed, a Race Woman!

A Race Woman (in today’s definition):

keeps the African-American family together during its darkest days;

believes in social integration but NOT assimilation into racial oblivion;

sees clearly through the smokes and mirrors of white supremacy, and calls it out;

knows what it is to be loved by a Black man because she was (hopefully) loved by her father;

whose mother (hopefully) knew how to raise sons and daughters to be Men & Women;

who puts her race first (out of necessity) in a world in which our race is put last;

whose ‘race memory’ will never allow our sworn enemies to come between her and her man.

I did not make this up myself. I merely paraphrased sentiments I read recently in the blogosphere.

I’m curious. While black women are busy holding the family/community together and calling out white supremacy and putting the race first, what are black men doing?

Are they:

praising, uplifting and defending black womanhood;

protecting black womenfolk, related or not, from the disrespect of the larger society;

creating content (movies, music, etc.) glorifying/acknowledging the beauty of black women;

proclaiming love for the diversity of black womanhood holding all skin shades equally beautiful;

committing to black women in marriage/long term relationships;

committing to raising their children in a two-parent household;

holding the behavior of their player/pimp brethren as unacceptable.

How about it ‘Race Man’? How’s your ‘race memory’? How about you guys step to the plate and represent?

And if you don’t feel like it’s your responsibility to step up and provide/protect black women, then don’t hate on black women when they decide to look elsewhere for love, respect, protection; you know, the things women are supposed to look for in a man!!

Ladies, don’t fall for the ‘Race Woman okey-doke' some guys will throw at you to keep you in your place! A place they define for you.

Most men/black men put their manhood first. Don’t ever forget it! Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do.

It’s 2011! You are a woman first, last and always. Do what is in your best interest. If it means expanding your dating boundaries, social circles, vacation destinations then so be it! If you are not satisfied with your life at this point, stop doing what you have been doing! You must, we must, do something else! No, I don’t mean go to a different club, I mean attend a play; check out the local art museum; sign up to learn a new language. Do something to take you out of your normal circles and into new ones.

Be adventurous and enjoy the journey!