Sunday, February 21, 2010

Food For Thought

I have been meaning to post about the return of Khadija for a minute now, but you know how life interferes with the best of blogging intentions. With this in mind, I thought I’d share three BWE blogs I read reasonably regularly (sometimes I am more regular than others).

Khadija’s New Joint

The new blog is (her old joint is is still accessible and required ready for every woman…..well, period). The new blog focuses on what actions, tactics and techniques women can undertake to live an optimal lifestyle. Like the first blog, Sojourner’s Passport provides a much needed perspective on life in this society.

Khadija also published a book, non-fiction ‘Sojourner’s Passport’ click on the Amazon link at her site for the book trailer.

Peace and Blessing Khadija and thanks for continuing to shine your light.

Halima’s Spot

Oh. My. Goodness!! You must get thee to Halima’s and read the post dated Jan. 28, 2010! ‘Who’s Zooming Who’ is an eye opener. Also, Halima’s February 2010 series discusses specific action bw can become a part of as a counter-offensive to the continuing media cheap shots at black women.

Faith’s Blog

I’d also like to mention I enjoy Faith’s blog and her comments on other blogs. Her Jan. 18, 2010 post about black women and the civil rights movement is a must read.


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