Sunday, August 23, 2009

Whose Life is it Anyway?

Does the ranting by the mis-informed and slightly crazed ideological right look familiar?

“I don’t want this country becoming a socialist country! I want my country back!”

“They’ll have death panels! The government will decide who lives and who dies!”

“I don’t want bureaucrats making decisions about my healthcare!”

Death panels. *big sigh*

Really. *right eyebrow raised in skepticism*

I have two words for you. Critical. Thinking.

The above is what happens when you taking someone else’s word for what is going on, rather than finding out for yourself.

I know. I know what you’re saying.

“Finding out for myself takes too much work. I’d have to research every single issue.

I’d have to access more than one source of information so that I could make a decision based on my own information gathering ability and contemplation of the available facts.

In other words DBC(your friendly neighborhood blog diva) I’d have to think!

And who wants to do that!”

Uuuhmm, duh!?!?

I am, of course, leading you down the garden path; my main topic is not the rancorous wrestlemania event cleverly disguised as a health care scream-athon.

Oh no my sisters……

My aim is to get you to question the places in your life where you accept another person’s spin with regard to some aspect of your life. Whether it is housecleaning, employment, where to live, education, RELATIONSHIPS, childrearing, religion, etc.

I could go on but I won’t. Why don’t we break down one of the issues listed above? What to discuss, what to discuss?????

Oh, I know, relationships!

Not relationships in general, but one slice of the ginormous relationship pie.

There is not a shortage of men. The available dating pool is deeper than most black women think. I am not advocating women settle for someone not on the same level as themselves. A simplistic example: if one is single; I do not advocate settling for a man who is married. What I am talking about is not limiting oneself to a particular population of men. Another simplistic example: if one is looking only for men who are six foot one inch; the pool of available men is limited by this choice. Now if one is open to considering men in the range of six foot three inches to five foot six inches, the pool of available men increases tremendously!

The same goes for color difference. If one is open to dating men who are not the same color, then the pool of available men increases! In my opinion, high-quality men of any color must be considered, despite what other people may think, say, or believe. A good man is a good man-- granted, we need to clarify the definition of a good man.

The opinions and thoughts of other people should never replace your own carefully considered opinions. This is your life! You get to choose how you move through the world!

Being open to men of different colors does not mean one is anti-anything. It does not mean your thoughts about race and color issues are negated because you are open to men of different colors.

If you aren’t open to men of other colors, cool.

If you are open to men of other colors, also cool. Don’t be afraid or shamed into silence or inaction.

If women are free to date only one color of man with pride, then why can’t other women be free to date men of any color with just as much pride?


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