Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What I Really Want to Know Is……

Monday was my birthday and a couple of news items caused me to contemplate what women are thinking in relation to men.

Some woman in Utah, desperate to get her life together, put some household items up for sale on the internetz; one of those items was/is her husband. Among other things, he is unfaithful and she his sick and tired of taking care of his 30-year-old self.

Then there is yet another news item about the death of a child at the hands of an unrelated male. This 6-year-old child was allegedly beaten to death by his mother’s ex-boyfriend. According to the news report the 6-year-old and his younger sister were living with the ex-boyfriend because the mother could not afford to care for them. The biological father, who lives in Oregon, hadn’t seen the boy since he was a baby. The mother, who lives in the same city, hadn’t seen the boy in a month. The ex-boyfriend had a serious criminal history.

What I really want to know is what were these women thinking?

It is not likely the Utah husband had recently devolved from a hard-working, faithful man into a lazy, slovenly, fidelity-challenged guy. The wife probably knew he was this way when she married him. And she married him anyway.

The mother of the 6 year-old more than likely had knowledge of the criminal past of her ex-boyfriend when she placed her two children with him. And she left them with this criminal anyway!

I’m sure these guys did not bother to hide their failings and criminality from these women.

Is is just me or.....

Isn't the logical outcome of marrying a lazy womanizer likely to be you will end up being sole financial support in the relationship; a relationship endlessly compromised by his infidelity?

Isn't it reasonable to conclude that you might be putting your minor children in jeopardy by placing them in the custody of a man with an extensive criminal record?

What were they thinking?!


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