Sunday, May 31, 2009

Self Love 101

Can you list seven things you like/love about yourself? Seven things, be they physical, psychological, or spiritual. Perhaps you like the color of your eyes or the shape of your lips. Maybe you are a good cook - or a decent cook - or maybe you volunteer your time for a cause close to your heart. Perhaps you love working on cars or you like sewing. What you like/love about yourself could be that you offer babysitting services (free) to family and friends to help the parent(s) out. Maybe you care for your parents. Maybe you dance well, exercise regularly or you are well-read. It could be you are going back to school to get you BA or Master's. Any characteristics, attributes, values, activities, principles; whatever; will suffice.

Are you able to list seven? Can you list more than seven? Do some deep thinking and see what you come up with. Meditate, cogitate, ruminate....and post something in Comments. Once you complete your list, notice what made the list. Don't judge the list please! This is not a competition. The list is neither definitive or exhaustive. The list can change at any time, you are in control of the list.

Was the task easy? Did you think of your seven quickly? Or, did coming up with seven things you like about yourself take longer? Do you have seven items on your list? This exercise is about what you like/love about yourself. Don't let other people's opinions overrule what you think about you!!! This list is for you, by you, and guessed

What's on my list?

Seven Things I Like/Love About Me (not in order of importance)........
1 Sense of humor
2 Love of reading
3 Commitment to family/friends
4 Open to new ideas
5 Gratitude
6 Healthy/fit body
7 Positive outlook

That's my this moment anyway. Now it's your turn. Consider what your list contains and let her rip!!!

Peace & Blessings

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