Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Can See the Light....but Where's the Tunnel?

WooHoo!! First post!!!

I have been reading posts by bw empowerment bloggers about improving self and creating the relationships women desire and deserve. If you are a regular reader of such blogs then you will recognize some of the initials (bw = black women). If not, I'll try to remember to define each as I go or you can visit the first wave empowerment bloggers {deep bow} to see for yourself. If you don't want to read yet another blog espousing views about expanding the horizons and options of bw in life, the universe and everything else....well, don't say I didn't tell ya....

Everybody (or almost everybody) wants a relationship...right? Isn't everyone looking for The One? Doesn't everyone value a stable, committed, reciprocal, loving relationship? I am being only slightly facetious when I ask the question.

When we say we are looking for our soul mate/The One/love-of-my-life; what does that mean? If we agree a stable, committed, reciprocal loving relationship is the goal, what/where is the road map? Can we at least get some general directions? Since we cannot google-earth 'Me' as the starting address and 'The One' as the ending address, I appeal to you, dear reader, to propose ideas for a road map. I am not interested in a map to 'casual sex', 'friends-with-benefits', 'wifey' or any other pseudo-commitment. I mean a long term, stable, committed, reciprocal, loving relationship most often defined by marriage (views on that in another post).

If the 'light' in my title equals a long term, stable, committed, reciprocal, loving relationship, then the 'tunnel' equals the road map/general directions. Remember, if you do not agree that a long term, stable, committed, reciprocal, loving relationship is the goal, then submitting a post is a pointless exercise. Please wait for the post about marriage. Give this some serious thought.

What works in the search for a long term, stable, committed, reciprocal, loving relationship ?


3 comments: said...

Hello there!

I think that NO ONE can have a fulfilling relationship with another person until they first learn how to have an enriching relationship with themselves.

We often do not spend enough time analyzing the relationship with have with "self". The heavy focus at my think tank on self-definition is due to the belief that self-definition and relationship with self are intertwined.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!
Lisa said...

Oh and by the way... congrats on your first post!!


Southland Diva said...

Peace and Empowerment Lisa!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!!! Actually this will be the subject of my next post. It occurred to me that the first One we need to develop a relationship with is ourselves.