Sunday, May 10, 2009

'Are You 'The One' You Have Been Looking For?

Shortly after publishing my previous post, it occurred to me it was useless to search for 'The One' if you had yet to learn to love yourself first. IMO it is hard (if not impossible) to love someone else if you do not love yourself. Especially in the romantic sense of loving someone.

If you do not love, value, honor and respect yourself, how can you love, value, honor, respect another human being? If you have not put these beliefs into practice for yourself, how can you put them into practice with someone else? If charity begins at home, then love begins with love of 'Self'. I do not mean an ego-driven, selfish, arrogant, possessive love. I mean loving yourself completely, unreservedly, openly! Pimples, wrinkles, gray (graying) hair and all! I mean loving yourself simply because you Are. Because you are alive. Because you are breathing. Because you know from your soul you are enough just as you are. Because, because, because, because, Bee-caaauuse!!!!

Do you love yourself? Do you like hanging out with yourself on a Friday and/or Saturday night? Do you live your life in the now? Have you been on that cruise you've been dreaming of...even if you aren't in some way coupled? Have you bought a house yet? What are you waiting for? And more importantly, WHY are you waiting?

What is the road map to loving yourself? Are you the love of your life? Are you 'The One' you have been waiting for?

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